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Music – What Does It Do For You?

Without a doubt, everyone has their own views on music and a person’s definition of music might differ from one another. As for me, I personally define music as a stretch of sound that includes sounds of musical instruments, be it a symphony or a song. I believe each piece of music would deliver their own meanings to the listeners, mostly related to emotions. In other words, feelings and emotions can be expressed through music which makes music unique. Also, I listen to a wide range of music genre, from heavy metal to trance music, from hip hop to pop music.

I’ve learned to play the piano with a private tutor only when I reached the age of 14 since only then, my parents bought me a Yamaha piano. But sadly, due to the upcoming major examination I had to face, I stopped attending classes when I was 16 when I was qualified as a Grade 4 student under The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) examination. However, my musical background doesn’t affect my perspective on music but, in my point of view, it does make me consider piano as a special musical instrument. To me, piano seems like a ‘delicate’ and ‘graceful’ musical instrument but surprisingly, the sound that the piano makes able to produce any genre of music ranging from rock music to lullabies. Moreover, music has played a few important roles in my daily life such as motivating me to study and in helping me emotionally.

People say full-concentration and focus is required so as to be able to study well and do revisions effectively. However, it is necessary for me to listen to music while revising although many people find it preposterous and ridiculous. Somehow, I am able to study efficiently with the help of music, perhaps, better. Even though many people say music would only disrupt your concentration, so far, I don’t find it that way. Be it a subject that requires calculation or a reading subject, I could still revise well listening to music. Apart from that, listening to music motivates me to keep studying and prevent me from slacking off. Especially in keeping me awake.

Furthermore, music helps me emotionally; it aids me in controlling my emotions, sort of like a ‘music therapy’. By way of explanation, the rhythms, beats and lyrics in music affects my emotions although not significantly, it still do the job. To be honest, I have anger management issues and I am certainly not proud of it. Whenever I get infuriated and irritated to the core, I just ignore everything and listen to some music or songs, and sooner and later I would feel much better, if not completely calmed down. What’s more, when I feel a bit down and gloomy, listening to certain songs that suites my mood can soothe my feelings.

To put it briefly, I find music interesting and clearly, I still have a long way to go to learn about music and about the uniqueness of it in depth. Truthfully, I am more than excited and thrilled to delve into the world of music!

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