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Lat hit the spot, again

The ever perceptive and subtle Lat, our famous cartoonist likes to put up editorial comic descriptive of whatever current issues that are plaguing our country at the moment.

Most of Lat’s comics usually give only a hint of what he thinks, while it is up to the readers to interpret the whole scenario.

The comic in question this time saw some children from different races in Malaysia all taking shelter under a big umbrella depicting a Malaysian flag. And these children are taking shelter not just from an ordinary storm but from the storms of racism, intolerance, racist remark and disunity.

What does the comic trying to portray actually? Lat is obviously commenting about our country’s current political situation. Racial tension is nothing new in our country. As to be expected with a country with a multi-cultural people. However much we try to ignore it, it is always in the background.

The entire fire was started long ago of course, but in recent issues, it all started with the remark that was made by the former MB, Tan Sri Khalid regarding how UiTM should be open not just for the Malays but for other races as well. Since UiTM is protected under the constitution, it is a privilege that was given to the bumiputras.

However, the whole thing was just a snowball that started from the downfall of the Barisan Nasional during the 2008 election. Then it escalated with the rise of Anwar Ibrahim as a member of parliament and with his fire up political agenda about how the second class citizen should be given unduly privileges as the Malays and bumiputras. Not to point any fingers, but some people just like to sow discord and sometimes when you look at it from a certain angle, the whole just doesn’t make sense.

Yes, maybe the current government is useless and maybe we are better off without them. God knows how much screw ups and discords and corruptions are managing the country, but as long as I don’t see that the opposition party is any better, then I don’t think the government should be displaced, unless they are really awful and worst than the opposition parties, of course.

I’m digressing. Back to the topic at hand. What Lat is trying to say, I believe is that since our country is a multi-racial country, then we should act like a multi-racial country regardless the problems. We have to bind together when facing adversities or else everything will fall apart.

Lat portrayals of children as the umbrella holder probably show that to create harmony, we have to start from the young. We have to teach our children that we are all one people and we should all support each other despite of our skin colors.

Personally, I think that the incident that has been happening shows what is missing from our leaders and their skills as leaders and how they manage the country. Our government need to be more focus and aware to what they really expect of the country. If the government wants the people to live in harmony, then they should treat everyone harmoniously.

So what Lat drew should sum it up beautifully what the people should be practicing. Maybe it takes a cartoon to make people see. I saw it, but can I practice it? Can we?


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