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How to Lose Your Weight with Healthy Snacks

For those who love munching on the snacks, there are actually many healthy snacks available that you can eat while you are at your office desk working for hours long. If you seriously don’t have enough time to exercise, this method might do the trick for you.

If you are starting to get extremely worried about your current unwanted baby fats on your belly or any other parts of your body and have absolutely no spare time to exercise and burn those calories off, there is another simple way of losing your bulging belly minus the rigorous workout ala The Biggest Loser. Of course, you will have to eat the snacks in moderation. According to the Los Angeles-based nutritionist, Dr. Jonny Bowden, who is also the author of the recently published health book titled ‘Living Low Carb: Controlled Carbohydrate Eating for Long Term Weight Loss’, eating sweet potato that is stuffed with tuna is great because of its balance in fat, nutrients, and proteins. He also recommends that the snack be eaten in mid-morning or afternoon. Dr. Bowden adds that “A snack should be a well-constructed mini meal and it should be built around adequate protein, several fibers, and also a little bit of fat. I suggest that you bake a batch of sweet potatoes and stowing them in the fridge to make the snack’s texture softer and tastes sweeter.”

If you have the sweet potatoes, try stuffing them with tuna. Meanwhile, in order for you to eat healthily while also losing (or maintaining) your weight at the same time, your office snacks should provide only 200 calories or less. Dr. Bowden also recommends that you consume lower-calorie foods, such as a single hard-boiled egg. One hard-boiled egg contains at least 70 calories and is jam-packed with five to six grams of protein. However, don’t expect to have every available snack to provide all of the key elements, which are fiber, protein, nutrients, and fat, as not all snacks provide balanced elements.

What you can do is to pick a snack that is nutritious and calorie-wise to fit with the rest of your dieting plan. Another snack that Dr. Bowden prefers and recommends is avocado that is cut in half, since the creamy green fruit is amazingly high in fibre with nine to eleven grams per avocado. So if you are running out of time to prepare some boiled eggs or bake the sweet potatoes, you should grab some ready-made snacks. Food such as string cheese is high in protein, has only 80 calories, and contains only a little bit of fat. Now, with this simple eating plan, you needn’t worry to overeat when hunger is bugging you, hence you will stand a greater chance in losing your weight or maintaining it.

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