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How is the internet affecting the society now?

Information technology or commonly known as IT, has been a booming industry since decades ago. It has been increasingly popular that many gadgets nowadays has the function to go online so that people can browse through the internet at anytime and anywhere. It has changed the way the way people live their daily lives and continue to change in more ways than we can imagine.

With the creations of gadgets that enables us to be connected to the cyber world at anytime and anywhere, we have been relying on the internet in our day to day lives . The internet connects us with the rest of the world and has been an important aspect in many people’s lives and many depend on the internet to get their work across different parts of the world.

The internet has created many work opportunities as we can now do a lot of e-commerce work on the net without much cost and the internet is a fast and effective way in promoting products and companies. Many has gained recognition through the net because of its vast amount of users and the convenience of browsing through the net.

The convenience of the internet has also eliminated old fashion ways of how people communicate with each other. Gone are those days where people still communicate through mails and letters. Nowadays even the older generation are emailing with one another via the internet. Some people do not even need to see each other face to face to communicate anymore because there are instant messaging systems.

There are pros and cons of the emerging of the internet. Some of the pros are that one can communicate with people on the other parts of the world with ease and also it will be more cost effective as compared to phone calls and snail mails. Many organisation also made a lot of profit through the internet. Many businesses are succeeding because of the advancement of the internet.

People advertise more effectively because e-commerce is so popular right now. Many people take advantage of the internet and make use of marketing online. Because the internet has such a big amount of users, if you succeed, it really pays off. Take Mark Zuckerberg from facebook as an example.

The cons of the internet is that because it’s exposure to the society is so wide, many websites like pornography websites might be accessible to young children or teenagers without their parents knowing. Children can learn a lot through the internet, if used wisely, it is extremely rewarding but if used otherwise, the outcome could be detrimental.

Most parents are not aware of what their children is doing online or who they are communicating with. It is extremely dangerous because many crimes are committed through the internet and the awareness regarding these issues are not as widespread as many thought it would be.

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