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Driverless car

Have you ever imagine that you will move to another destination by a car without a driver? Does it look weird when you notice a car moving on the road but is driverless? Don’t feel surprise if you notice that. Driverless car is not a mirage.

Driverless car is a vehicle that is equipped with an auto pilot system. This means that a car can move from one destination to another without input from a human operator. The research on driverless car has been made since a few decades ago and in 2010, four driverless electric vans successfully drove from Italy to China. There are carmakers trying to make the driverless car to operate on the road by 2018.

There are numerous systems used in the driverless car. One of the systems is anti-lock brakes system. Anti-lock brakes system (ABS) is a safety system that enables the wheels on a car to interact with the road surface when braking to prevent the brakes from locking. This will prevent skidding. This system can read the wheels and know when they are about to lock. Normally, this system will react faster than a driver.

Not only ABS can be found in driverless car, a system known as traction system can be found too. Traction system is a system that can detect when a car might out of control skid and prevent it from skidding. This system can read the car’s direction as well as speed. Moreover, traction system will react faster than a driver could. But this system is very complicated compared to ABS to keep the car from losing control.

Driverless car could operate a self-parking function. This self parking system uses the sensors all around the car to guide it to park in parallel parking space. However, the driver needs to place the car nest beside the parking space. Then use the in-cabin navigation screen to tell the car where it should park. This system is a great achievement in driverless car technology.

Driverless car is an invention that brings a lot of advantages. First of all, driverless car could minimize the happening of accident. What should you do to prevent accident? The answer would be paying attention while driving. You are right. However, how much you could concentrate while driving? But with this driverless car technology, it could concentrate all the time. Automakers system will help to drive without a driver or by a simpler words, it allows the car to drive itself. In addition, there are still numerous cases of crashing and colliding when parking a car. Driverless car will solve this problem. What you need to do is operate the auto parking system or self parking system. That’s easy.

You can save money to hire a driver if you have a driverless car. You no longer need a driver to fetch you to anywhere. You can go anywhere you like with the aid of driverless car. This can reduce the cost of employing a driver. This is so convenience for you.

Driverless car is a new invention. This could bring a great achievement to the car and technology industry. Use it wisely. Sit in a car without a driver. I think it is cool.

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