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Lat hit the spot, again

The ever perceptive and subtle Lat, our famous cartoonist likes to put up editorial comic descriptive of whatever current issues that are plaguing our country at the moment. Most of Lat’s comics usually give only a hint of what he thinks, while it is up to the readers to interpret the whole scenario. The comic [...]

How to Lose Your Weight with Healthy Snacks

For those who love munching on the snacks, there are actually many healthy snacks available that you can eat while you are at your office desk working for hours long. If you seriously don’t have enough time to exercise, this method might do the trick for you. If you are starting to get extremely worried [...]

Beyoncé – Year of 4

The fast food dillema

Sponsors: Party Trays & Home Water Dispensers Fast food has long been a sore subject with dieticians and doctors. Many of them will warn you that it is a very unhealthy eating habit if our diet consists of fast food all the time. But in this instance, the fast food they were referring to are [...]

Driverless car

Have you ever imagine that you will move to another destination by a car without a driver? Does it look weird when you notice a car moving on the road but is driverless? Don’t feel surprise if you notice that. Driverless car is not a mirage. Driverless car is a vehicle that is equipped with [...]

Oprah’s All Time Favorite Guest – Tererai Trent

So inspiring! Watch her video HERE.

ASUS Eee Slate Review

Each time I log on to the Internet and type the word ‘tablet’ I seem to find a new tablet being launched by a company somewhere in the world. Yes, ‘tablet’ is the buzz word for consumer electronics these days. And taking the pole position in terms of speed and performance is the ASUS Eee [...]

Dell Streak 7 Review

When Dell first announced that it was also producing a tablet, the 5 inch Streak, honestly, I was sceptical. Dell has been great in the desktop and laptop arena and they’re also known for monitors that are really good value for money. However, they haven’t been great in the mobile/PDA arena of late. So it [...]

Caleb Hawley – Blind – LOVE THIS SONG!

The Art Of Conformity – Must see!

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